Township Times



RE:     Quarantine Affecting Timber Harvesting Activities; PROHBIITED in Centre Township

Centre Township Residents,

Please be advised that the Centre Township Supervisors just received information related to an invasive species that is being quarantined in our area (the Spotted Lantern Fly).  Additional information can be obtained at the PA Department of Agriculture website.  However, due to the potential presence of the species and the spread of it to the surrounding areas, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (DOA) has requested that we DO NOT ALLOW Township residents to remove any trees, branches, etc. from your property without you directly conferring with them on any additional protocols, prohibitions and restrictions they may have regarding your property. We encourage you to contact the Department of Agriculture directly to discuss this matter and your anticipated plans.   Otherwise, we are asking you to CEASE and not commence on any work whatsoever regarding any tree removal or associated activities on your property in Centre Township until you have secured the necessary clearances from the Department of Agriculture.  Any and all tree removal work will be in violation of the Centre Township Ordinances as well as the quarantine instituted by the DOA.  Please also be advised that there are severe and strict fines that the DOA are instituting for violations of this quarantine notice.